Hydrogen for the Maritime Economy

Technology Monitoring and Assessment
“An Integrated IT-tool for evaluation of the technology status of hydrogen and fuel cells”

The aim of the project was to deliver a functional and integrated Technology Monitoring and Assessment tool specifically designed for research programme progress evaluation.
This integrated IT-tool enables evaluation of the status of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as managed by the FCH-Joint Undertaking and many other research programmes all over the world. The guiding principle of TEMONAS is to enable objective and transparent evaluation of a technology status in comparison with competing technologies and/or monitor the respective progress in the development of a technology. 

TEMONAS is to take the existing technology monitoring and assessment methodologies a step further in providing a system that allows targeted comparison and evaluation of project results and technology. 

The computer management tool represents an innovative integrated software solution enabling both day-to-day supervision and strategic steering of complex multi-year technology programmes. 

The software tool TEMONAS is available and can be customised for the needs of the users. If you are interested in further information or an offer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

PLANET's role 

PLANET was leader of the dissemination activities and also part of the management team of TEMONAS. Further activities of PLANET include contributions to the methodology development in assessment, benchmarking, and monitoring.












Key data

The project ran from September 2011 until end of Mai 2013. TEMONAS was supported by the European Union “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking” (FCH JU) with around 1 million Euros, and had 7 partners from across Europe.
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