Planning Association Energy and Environment Synergy for more competence

Four specialist companies in Oldenburg work in the field of new energies and eco-friendly energy technology, covering a broad spectrum (see right). Three of them focus on wind energy utilisation, the fourth can draw on many years of experience in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, among other things.

Working as a group, we make use of synergy effects by pooling our expertise and cooperating on projects for the benefit of our customers.

  • Pilot phase for one of the world's largest planned offshore wind farms, Sandbank 24, approved!
  • New project on hydrogen storage for future-oriented energy management in preparation.
  • e.g. improving the availability of wind energy turbines: Overspeed develops condition monitoring and wind farm monitoring systems together with the management experts at Projekt GmbH. In return, Projekt GmbH benefits from growing know-how in its own wind farm projects. 

Projekt GmbH
Project planning company for
regenerative energy systems
Wind energy turbines:
On and offshore project planning
Operational management
Operational results

Projekt Ökovest 
Brokering ecological capital investments
Wind funds:
Issuing prospectuses
Participation offers

Meteorological and technical
information systems
Wind energy consulting
Wind farm management
Condition monitoring

Engineering and Consulting
Innovative Energy Supply
Building Services
Hydrogen Technology